Itay Matityahu Ceo of HelpApp and partner in a CPA office

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Itay Matityahu, 33, married to Or and father of Daniel, the Prince.

Itay is a trained CPA. For the past two years he has served as Director of Marketing and Government relations at the Taub Center for Social Policy Studies in Israel.

Previous roles include Vice Chairman / CEO of the Student Union at the College of Management in Rishon LeZion and chairman of an emerging movement that encourages the involvement of young people in the urban space.

What are you working on these days?

I am the CEO of HelpApp, an app that aims to improve community dialogue via volunteer work.

We believe that volunteering should be at the heart of each Israelis agenda.

We created an application that allows you to find the right volunteer placement for you.

170 NGOs are on the app, from all over Israel, and thousands of people have volunteered.

We wanted to make volunteering opportunities easily accessible.

Additionally, we send out volunteer delegations to third world countries.

We make sure that these groups are comprised of people of all different ages, come from different locations in Israel, LGBT, Ethiopians, religious Jews etc.

We found that when different people are put together, their differences disappear and they work as one entity towards the same purpose of volunteering.

What was your first position In the Startup-Nation?

This is my first job at Startup-Nation.

Before HelpApp I was Director of marketing, communications and government relations at the Taub Center for two years.

What was your first job ever?

I was a bartender for 5 years

itay Mattiyhao - 2

What life event or moment affected your life the most?

The first delegation I took to an orphanage in Northern Thailand.

The experience gave me a special perspective on what really matters in life.

We have taken six delegations so far, and each time it is amazing to see the impact it makes on each individual.

While overseas we teach local school children English, Math and Science. We also help with renovating the school itself (painting, gardening, cleaning).

We also bring them clothes, food, toys etc. Each group is around 40 people.

Fun fact – I met my wife while on a delegation tour.

Best advice you received or would like to share?

In the Book of Megillah from Acre, there is a very clear message:

“even if you fail, get up, and try again, the real failure is to hold onto the floor, only the bravest dare to fulfill their dreams.”

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