Noa Muzzafi Manager of SheWorx TLV

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Noa is 29 years old,  originally from Arad, currently living in Tel Aviv.
She studied East Asia Studies at Tel Aviv University and the Ren Min University of China.

In 2014, after finishing her studies, she started working at StartupEast where she served as COO and Accelerator manager for 2.5 years.

Today, Noa is the manager of SheWorx TLV, a strategic adviser for innovation and acceleration, a mentor in several programs and lectures about community management and guerrilla marketing.

What are you working on these days?

Currently, I serve as an adviser to several projects, while I am (secretly) working on my venture and studying for my MBA.

What was your first position In the Startup-Nation?

COO and Accelerator manager of StartupEast, started three years ago and left six months ago.

What was your first job ever?

I was a kindergarten instructor and tutor.

What life event or moment  affected your life the most

After completing my army service, almost nine years ago, I decided to go on a big trip across Asia.

Facing physical and mental challenges on my own, exploring new cultures, while meeting exciting people, was a life changing experience.

It was the main reason I moved from the Negev to Tel Aviv to pursue an East Asia Studies B.A.

It got me to believe, and to push myself to the limit.

Fast forward to March 2016; I am standing on the stage of Asia Beat Xiamen in China, the only Israeli speaker, telling my story to 5,000 people in the audience, introducing them to the Israeli startup ecosystem.

The 2016 Noa thanked the 2008 Noa for the guts she had back then. It was a hell of a closure.

Best advice you got or would like to share?

During the second year of my B.A., I got tired of hearing there are no jobs for East Asia alumni from students and hearing that Asia-oriented companies don’t know where to look for compatible employees.

This is how I started my first social venture, the First Asia Job Conference in Israel – I identified the market needs and believed I had the perfect solution.

Trying to recruit companies and partners, I had a success rate of 1 to 20.

Fortunately, I had the perfect co-founders Tal Rosenberg and Ram Goldhecht, and we believed in our vision of creating something bigger than just a job fair.

Eventually, the event was a huge success. Today 3 universities in Israel hold the conference each year, and hundreds of alumni and students found jobs and internships via this platform.

The lesson I can share is that if you have a vision or an idea, if you identify the need for something which does not exist, do not fear to try and build it yourself.

You might be surprised by the impact you would eventually make.

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