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“Humans of Startup Nation” is a photography project that celebrates the people behind the startups which make Israel ‘Startup Nation.”


When talking about Israel, one is consistently asked to share case studies, the stories behind how big exists happened, or the process a company goes through when scaling.

The stories continuously focus on four things: company name, what they do, funds and the star, well known, entrepreneurs.

The truth is, building a successful company, is about the day-to-day. It’s about the smart people behind the decision making and execution of every action item.

From VC’s and founders to marketers, engineers, developers, designers, campaign managers, administrators – each role has a significant impact.

Although the day-to-day, and less well-known employees, are overlooked, we believe they are the ones creating the real magic behind “Startup Nation.”

“Humans of Startup Nation” is dedicated to them.

Each story highlights an individual from the startup ecosystem. Telling his or her story.

We’re excited to see this project take off and meet so many great people as we go.

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The ‘Humans Of Startup Nation” Team



Leora Golomb

Founder and Director of Fuckup Nights in Israel. Leora works at Wix.com and is the Founder and Director of “Hasidrogyia”, an exclusive community that assists you in discovering your next job and upgrading your life.

She is also the Former Volunteer Dept. Director of IFCJ in Israel and Shlicha for the Australian Union of Jewish Students (AUJS).

After completing her service in the Israeli Air Force’s rescue unit, she began a career in community leadership and youth engagement with a focus on social change.

While pursuing her degree at Ben-Gurion University in politics, government and mass communications, Leora headed the coordination of student involvement within the University’s student union.

Leora is passionate about helping people reach their full potential and creates a wide range of opportunities for people to network and learn.

She believes you build bridges between people through their common interests and pursuits.

Her guiding principle that failure is a success in progress, fuels her desire to change the conversation around this topic; making it easier for others to acknowledge failure, and seek help.

One fact you won’t find on Google about her is her obsession with street art. On weekends you can find her searching Tel Aviv for street art.

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FuckUp Night Tel Aviv (Facebook)
FuckUp Night Tel Aviv (Website)
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Omer Hacohen

Omer is a professional photographer who was born, raised and lives in Tel Aviv.

Since graduating from the Studio Gavra School of Photography, she has successfully launched her career as a photographer and model.

Omer has photographed several catalogs for Israeli fashion designers as well as solo productions. Her work has been published in magazines and international online publications.
For Omer, it is through her photography that she is truly expressing who she is, her thoughts, emotions and how she sees the world.

She is inspired by the works of the photographers she idolizes (Richard Avadon, Henri Cartier-Bresson, Alex Libak and Liron Erel). She strives to create own artistic voice, to leave a mark in photography.

Omer’s long-term goal is to open her studio and have her work published in major international magazines.

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OmerH Photography (Facebook)
OmerH Photography (Website)

Marta Mozes

Marta is the quintessential aliyah story. Originally from Philadelphia, she fell in love with Israel (especially Tel Aviv) at an early age.
That passion ultimately lead to her making aliyah seven years ago and creating a life in her favorite city.

Marta was one of the first employees at the music education startup, JoyTunes, where she was the community manager, back before it was the trendy position it is today.

Now managing marketing at Google Campus Tel Aviv, run by Google for Entrepreneurs, Marta applies her on the ground knowledge of working in a startup from its beginnings, to support and encourage Tel Aviv’s emerging entrepreneurs.

When not at Campus, Marta volunteers with Fuckup Night Tel Aviv, whose mission, she believes, is one of the many reasons the Startup Nation continues to thrive; through the embracing and learning from one’s mistakes. Marta’s favorite activities are brunch, discussing podcasts and speaking fluent Hebrish.

Follow Marta’s projects:
Google Campus (Facebook)
Google Campus (Website)